When it comes to construction, all mechanical systems are created from similar materials. At Total, our expertise is in the way we design, engineer, and install those materials. 

With over 40 years of experience, we have developed an efficient approach to applying technical knowledge where information is not yet available. Our ability to accurately fill-in initial design gaps means that we create a better plan from the start, resulting in a better build. Our approach provides consistency and dependability and creates a foundation for long-standing relationships with our clients.  


As the complexity of mechanical construction has increased, Total has evolved our process to meet the schedule and design requirements of the industry.  

Total provides precise budgets and meets client expectations early in the design process. We start by intuitively engineering plans to completion before we bid. This means that our bids reflect what it will take to complete the entire job, accurately and successfully. We call this approach “Pre-Construction Intelligence.”  

The scope of our pre-construction services includes master planning and conceptual design for new builds, and retro-commissioning and infrastructure upgrades for renovations. As a part of the Total package, we design or design-assist mechanical, controls, plumbing, and medical gas systems to code so you never have to worry about functional compliance or commissioning requirements. We also offer cost-benefit analysis in our budgets as well as phasing, logistics, scheduling, and planning. 

By taking the time to understand your plans during preconstruction, we are problem solving and providing solutions to mitigate on-site change orders and field revisions in the construction phase.  


Our core expertise is bringing four decades of craftsmanship, collaboration, and creative problem-solving to every project we build or renovate. We ensure the mechanical systems in buildings we design work as effectively as possible, for as long as possible. 

Innovating with smart technology, LEED certification, sustainable strategies, and carbon neutrality concepts has become a part of our progressive approach to meet the needs of emerging design standards. Both our office team and our Union Local 290 plumbing and pipefitting workforce put time and effort toward understanding how to provide the best product with a lower impact to the environment. Part of this is accomplished in our project approach through mitigating change orders that would otherwise impact cost and schedule, or result in dual transportation and install.  

During construction, Total offers shop prefabrication and staging, Trimble field layout, schedule and safety management, ongoing engineering, and BIM support. With both general and mechanical construction licensing, and a $50 million program bonding capacity, Total provides a full range of trade-partner options for your build. 


We are committed to incident free construction on every job, a goal we feel is achievable through proper planning, supervision, and communication. This commitment is directly reflected in our EMR score, which is consistently one of the best among firms in the Northwest.  
Total believes that safety is not just an on-site concern. We start thinking about safety as soon as we look at the plans in the pre-construction stage. Total performs job-specific accident prevention planning, and approaches safety at the trade partnership level so that our sites are working as a team toward exceptional performance, compliance, and ownership of safe practices. 
Commissioning Support

Commissioning, closeout, and owner training are critical to experience maximum performance and longevity of the installed systems. That’s why we take a leadership role as a project moves into the site commissioning activities and ensure support services including development of pre-functional documents and commissioning procedures, operation, maintenance, and shop drawing documentation, and internal QA/QC reviews are provided.

We also offer non-traditional project turnover that has proven successful in the areas of information retention and system understanding. Our complete commissioning support always includes start-up documentation testing, owner training, air and water system balancing, preventative maintenance, remote BAS building monitoring, and prompt correction of any system deficiencies. As a part of our commitment to your building, we will double the length of our warranty if you sign a two-year commitment with our Service Department. By continuing with the care of your systems, we make sure your build stands the test of time. 



We're invested in your investment, so providing service as a part of our Total package just makes sense. And because we know mechanical systems well, we work efficiently to provide superior service by determining the most accurate and cost-effective approach to servicing your building.

We will service any system no matter who built it. Whether it is a service call or a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan, our certified local 290 Union Plumbing and HVAC Technicians are equipped to ensure your mechanical systems are performing at their best.  


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