When it comes to mechanical contracting, we all use similar materials. But there are dozens of different places and ways to install them.

We plan better so we build better, which is why we have so many long-standing clients and relationships.


As mechanical construction has become more complex, we are often asked to bid partially completed plans. This is where we excel.

Rather than take our best guess we engineer the plans to completion before we bid, problem-solving along the way to mitigate onsite change orders.

We call our approach to design “pre-construction intelligence.” It means that our bids reflect what it will take the complete the entire job, accurately and successfully.

Our pre-construction services include master planning and conceptual design for new builds, and retro-commissioning and infrastructure upgrades for renovations.

We can design or design assist mechanical systems , controls, plumbing and medical gas systems all above code so you don’t have to worry about functional compliance or commissioning requirements. We offer cost-benefit analysis in our budgets as well as phasing, logistics, schedule and planning.


During our four decades of experience building we’ve seen the rise of smart technology, LEED certification, and sustainability. We have evolved our process and team not just to keep up with, but become experts in each of them.

Our core expertise is bringing our decades of experience of craftsmanship, collaboration, and creative problem-solving to every project we build or renovate. We ensure the buildings we help build work as effectively as possible as for as long as possible.

Our construction capabilities include general and mechanical licensing and a $50 million program bonding capacity. 

We offer shop prefabrication and staging, Trimble field layout, schedule and safety management as well as ongoing engineering and BIM support utilizing our Union Local 290 plumbing and pipefitting workforce.


Our EMR score is consistently one of the best ratings among firms in the Northwest. We start thinking about safety as soon as we look at the plans in the pre-construction stage. It’s not just an on-site concern.
Commissioning Support

Our commissioning support services include development of pre-functional documents and commissioning procedures, operation maintenance and shop drawing documentation, as well as help with internal QA/QC reviews.

We also offer start-up documentation testing, owner training, air and water system balancing, preventative maintenance, remote BAS building monitoring, and prompt correction of any system deficiencies to ensure our builds stand the test of time.



We're invested in your investment.

Whether it is a service call or a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan our certified local 290 Union Technicians are equipped to ensure your mechanical systems are performing at their best. We will service any project, no matter who built it.


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