Total Mechanical Inc. is a full-service mechanical contractor operating throughout the Pacific Northwest. Over the past four decades, our company has completed more than 2500 projects in a diverse range of commercial applications from military bases to medical facilities. 

We are leadership-owned and work exclusively with Union crews, ensuring the highest level of care, craftsmanship, and collaboration. Our experience and diverse expertise allows us to take on highly technical builds and renovations spanning commercial mechanical contracting to medical, educational, military, and light industrial mechanical contracting. As a plumbing and electrical contractor, Total Mechanical is unmatched in our ability to plan earlier and plan better, resulting in smoother, more efficient longer-lasting builds that stay on budget and deadline.

Total Mechanical Service Area

Total Mechanical Inc. is based in Camas, Washington, and we are capable of working anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s Hillsboro, Beaverton or Salem, we have the workforce and know-how to handle jobs of any size and complexity. Our company has completed jobs in downtown Portland and throughout Oregon and Washington, and our record of customer satisfaction and long-standing clients speaks for itself. We hire local Union labor, but our reach is no means limited. We value creating strong partnerships across the Pacific Northwest, and strive to build our relationships as far and deep as we can.

Capabilities: Design Build

What sets our company apart from the competition is our ability to provide a deeper, more comprehensive array of resources than our competition. From early design to completed buildings, Total Mechanical offers top-quality service on every front.


The number one factor in a smooth, on-schedule, and on-budget project is the ability to consider risk, and design around issues from the very start. We finish plans in the bidding stage, solving problems and engineering solutions before we’re even awarded the job. We call this pre-construction intelligence, and it saves our clients time and money.

Our pre-construction services also include phasing, scheduling, and planning to ensure the right resources are there when needed, every time. This means everything from early procurement strategies to work around equipment long lead times to a thorough plan and specification review for code and functional compliance. This gives us a special advantage in highly technical builds, such as projects requiring a medical gas engineer and contractor. We know better planning means better builds, and we know our value comes from a guarantee of detail and high-quality engineering on every build.


One commercial HVAC contractor is going to use pretty much the same tubing as another, but Total Mechanical ensures that the labor and planning that place them are the best in the industry. Our construction capabilities include our shop prefabrication and staging services to minimize on-site build time, and utilize lean construction methods to maximize time and budget. We also collaborate well with other subcontractors and put the needs of the overall project first.

Additionally, a Total project is a safe project. Our Safety Development Committee meets regularly to review, evaluate, and act on safety concerns in accordance with current OSHA standards. Rest assured, when you hire us as a commercial mechanical contractor, so you are getting all the benefits of the highest EMD score of any mechanical contractor on the entire west coast.


Maximizing our value on a project means giving the extra edge in any way we can. That’s why we provide a range of commissioning support services to ensure smooth and safe projects. Our highly qualified team can provide review and documentation on every aspect of a project, from development support and pre-functional documents to operation, maintenance, and shop drawing documentation. We also offer commissioning procedure implementation and owner training, ensuring any project maximizes its resources with our knowledge and best practices.


Total Mechanical has always serviced our own buildings. Now, we have a dedicated service team to bring industry-standard quality to any facility. Skilled technicians from Local 290 are ready to deliver commercial plumbing service and repair anywhere, giving your building our Total value. Our service team also performs preventative maintenance to prolong the life of equipment, avoid sudden failures, and maximize efficiency, saving energy and money. And yes, we have a 24-hour hotline because we know maintenance problems can’t wait.

Knowledge and Experience

We thrive on challenging projects that require smart engineering and flawless construction. Our comprehensive planning, in-house engineering, and qualified workforce positions Total Mechanical to complete any project. A military base needs air-handling in a diverse set of buildings, with the added challenge of blast resistance. We have the management and Union-grade expertise to deliver up to any specifications while planning around training exercises. A medical building needs specialty gas and plumbing. We have the creativity and craftsmanship to build the most efficient system possible, without displacing patients, saving time and money. A detail-oriented build is a smooth build, and our process ensures the best results every time.

Total Mechanical is uniquely positioned to provide a level of engineering on commercial plumbing and commercial HVAC that other contractors can’t. Plus, our service capacity means that besides our ability to work on a wide range of projects, we can provide continuous value, not just on our own work, but on previously existing buildings and systems as well. This means getting the Total standard, whether it’s commercial air handler replacement or commercial HVAC service.

Innovative Trade Partners

As the construction industry has changed, Total Mechanical has remained on the leading edge. Our devotion to innovation and creativity lies not only with technological advancements, but also with management structures. We are comfortable with both design-build and build-assist partnerships, and strive to maximize our value by integrating seamlessly into whatever relationship the project requires. Whether it’s completed plans ready to be built, or a rough outline of a retrofit that needs developing, we are ready to collaborate in any capacity. 

It’s our focus on communication, management, and being a team player that’s led us to form long-standing relationships with our clients. We value detail and transparency with our process, so whether it’s a straightforward commercial HVAC repair or multimillion-dollar light industrial mechanical contract, owners can be confident the right resources are being allocated in a budget- and time-conscious manner. When a job is a Total job, you can count on us to work as a true trade partner, understanding your needs and solving problems before they happen, so you’ll want to bring us back, project after project.

Work with Total Mechanical

No matter the field, complexity, or scale, Total Mechanical is the mechanical contractor for your next build. Our range of services, deep expertise, and Union workforce give us unrivaled quality and value for your budget. We have a dedicated mechanical engineering staff, experience on thousands of diverse projects, and a service team devoted to providing your project with our uncompromising standard. Work with us, and see why so many of our clients are repeat clients. Contact us below to explore making your project a Total project.