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Noteworthy Projects in Oregon by Total Mechanical Inc.

Total Mechanical Inc. is a full-service contractor located in Camas, Washington. We are licensed in both general and mechanical contracting and equally comfortable with design builds and design assist. 

TMI is leadership-owned, ensuring personal attention and our best team on every project, and our worksites are also staffed with the skilled tradesmen from the UA local 290 plumbing and pipefitting unions. 

We have over four decades of experience on more than 2500 diverse projects, working across a wide variety of fields including medical healthcare, education, military, commercial, and light industrial. 

We are especially proud of our record of safety, our track record of tackling challenging projects with smart solutions, and the reputation we’ve earned with our longstanding clients. 

In an effort to showcase the breadth of our experience and make the case for why we’d be the ideal contractor for your next project here in the Pacific Northwest, we’d like to share details of a few of our most recent projects.


Matthew Knight Arena

Photo Courtesy of the University of Oregon Athletic Department

Completed: 2010
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Budget: $227,000,000

The Matthew Knight Arena on the University of Oregon campus was not the first time TMI has worked on a campus sports facility, but it was the largest and most complex to date. The work included a brand-new 12,500-seat state-of-the-art sports arena with exceptional locker room and gym accommodations, plus 15 permanent concession stands and 13 restrooms. Complicating the job was the fact that work took place in the middle of an active campus, requiring careful management and environmental awareness. Total Mechanical participated as a pre-construction trade partner on the project, providing BIM coordination and utilizing our 24-hour-a-day fabrication shop production capacity to ensure components like our HVAC dryside and refrigerant systems work on the project proceeded as efficiently as possible.

This was not the first time we’ve helped the Ducks make a stadium bigger and better. We helped expand Autzen Stadium with more seats and luxury boxes in 2001. But not to play favorites, we’ve worked in Corvallis too, helping Oregon State with the Reser Stadium Eastside expansion in 2005. All three of these projects benefited from our Pre-Construction Intelligence, which positions us to plan, design, and schedule challenging projects like a sports arena build or expansion more effectively and ensuring they stay within budget and timeframe. On a personal note, we find jobs where we get to enhance our communities especially fulfilling, and the many sports fans on the TMI team love being able to catch a game and see their own work.


Providence St. Vincent M-Level and Main Tower Renovation

Photo Courtesy of Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

Completed: 2019
Location: Portland, Oregon
Budget: $130,000,000

The Providence St. Vincent build was a complete overhaul of the hospital’s mechanical systems. Acting as a pre-construction trade partner and design assist collaborator, Total Mechanical oversaw the investigation and phase planning to facilitate the replacement of 10 aging air handlers and all ductwork on the 10th floor ‘M level’. The team also provided BIM coordination and construction support to facilitate the installation of HVAC piping, controls, plumbing and medical gas systems, as well as the renovation of six 27,000 sq. ft. floors of the main patient tower. Impressively, through close coordination between the design team, trade contractors and the owner, the hospital remained fully operational for the duration of the work.

Completing the project without displacing medically fragile patients was a major challenge on the project, requiring careful planning, phasing and design. This is where our years of experience in large, logistically complex builds came into play. Our team has worked on medical facilities ranging from entire campuses to the highly complicated infant brain surgery room at OSHU, always considering the best way to tackle projects without disrupting normal operations. This breadth of knowledge, combined with our experienced project management and creative engineering planning, allowed us to conquer the unique challenges of the St. Vincent renovation with the same quality and confidence we bring to all our work.


Multnomah County Central Courthouse

Photo Courtesy of Multnomah County

Completed: 2020
Location: Portland, Oregon
Budget: $300,000,000

The Multnomah County Courthouse was a monumental undertaking, with Total Mechanical once again participating both as a pre-construction trade partner and a design assist collaborator. To ensure smooth and on-budget build, Total Mechanical provided target value design services, as well as LOD 300 & 400 BIM Development and Coordination for permit documents. The 18-story, 460,000 sq. ft. building included VAV air handling, and featured chilled beam and radiant floor HVAC systems, including custom building riser designs for the plumbing and HVAC piping systems, with Total Mechanical responsible for mechanical wetside and plumbing systems. Finally, the tight urban construction site necessitated the use of just-in-time delivery requirements, made possible by the depth and planning of a Total build.

All projects require detailed resource management and scheduling to run efficiently. This is especially true in the middle of a compact urban downtown environment, where there is no space for excess equipment or material. These logistical challenges require comprehensive planning, confident execution, and a commitment to collaborating with other sub-contractors, and that’s where we shine. Our innovative project management utilizes cutting-edge techniques such as lean construction to ensure that the build will not affect the surroundings, even in a major metropolitan area like downtown Portland. And of course, on a design assist project with multiple contractors working together on a single design, strong communication and true partnership is necessary to ensure proper resource allocation in every part of the build. Total Mechanical’s combination of precise engineering and relationship-oriented contracting makes us an ideal collaborator on any jobsite.

Total Mechanical: Oregon's Mechanical Contractor

Whether it’s a new stadium on a busy educational campus or a highly technical renovation in an operational medical facility, Total Mechanical is the contractor for your next job. No matter the field, we love a hard project with unique challenges to overcome. Our skilled staff and Union workforce provide creative and effective solutions, and our dedication to teamwork makes us the most effective trade partners in the business. Total Mechanical is a company with a modern mind for engineering and management, and a traditional emphasis on quality craftsmanship, integrity, and lasting relationships with our clients. We hope you choose to make your next build a Total, and have your project featured here on our next roundup.