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All IT related requests should be made to

IT Requests:

  • Hardware Request Form - If you need a new computer please fill out the attached form and submit it to your supervisor for approval. Once it is approved send it to the IT department. Standard computer models are listed HERE. If you would like something outside of the normal setup please talk with Kris D or Ben C. 

  • Cellphone Requests - If you would like a new phone please talk with Ben C. In general we upgrade phones every 3 years.  

  • Peripherals Requests - The IT department understands that individuals have different tastes in peripherals and we are happy to accommodate specific requests. We have identified quality "company standard" peripherals that we recommend. ​

VPN - To access company network drives outside of the office please follow the procedures listed in the attached documents. If you are using OpenVPN and it is working well for you continue to use it. If you are not using OpenVPN or are having issues with the program use the "newVPN."



Microsoft Teams Setup and Use Guide

Using your Phone as a Hotspot - The IT department has "jetpacks" available to check out that enable users to access cellular internet on their computers. However it may be easier to use your company issued phone as a hotspot instead.

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