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In the wake of the ever changing developments in COVID-19 related legislation at the local and federal level, TMI will be sending out a series of updates via email. The COVID-19 response by our company is a moving target and will be constantly evolving. It is our intention to keep people employed as long as possible through the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to service our medical clients.

OFFICE COVID-19 Procedures 

Effective 03/25/20

  • All employees able to work from home will be asked to work remotely: Work from home IT resources.

  • All coffee and food preparation in the kitchen will be suspended. All shared snack items and home-made food will be removed. Individually packaged snacks will still be available.

  • The office HVAC equipment filters will be replaced with MERV-13 filters.

  • Additional office cleaning and disinfecting will take place daily.

  • Until further notice, Camas office is restricted to TMI employees only. The office doors will remain locked at all times. 

TMI Jobsite Practices:

  • Official TMI Jobsite Protocol for COVID-19: HERE

  • AGC jobsite procedures poster: HERE

  • Ten Steps OSHA Poster: HERE

  • COVID-19 Hazard Training: HERE

  • Delivery and Supplier COVID-19 Notice: HERE

Shelter-in-Place & Stay Home orders from the State Governors:

  • Oregon: TMI has been considered an essential business. Jobsites have not been shut down, we will follow the additional COVID-19 jobsite procedures from the facility, general contractor, and the TMI resources linked above. - END Date Unknown

  • Washington: TMI has been considered an essential business, however all non critical infrastructure jobsites have been shut down. Only critical hospital construction will continue. - ENDS May 5 

  • Enforcement memo from OSP: HERE

COVID-19 Paid Leave Timeline

FFCRA - Family First Coronovirus Leave Act 

The FFCRA provides 80hr of paid leave to employees who are unable to work due to a specific exposure or circumstance associated with COVID-19. Please refer to the poser linked below and application if you feel you meet the criteria. 

FFCRA Poster - FFCRA Request Form

Email Updates:


Good Afternoon Team,


Over the next few weeks, TMI will be phasing in several COVID related safety controls. The new controls will allow employees to return to their normal desks and freely move between their work from home setup and the Camas office. With the controls in place, TMI will allow guests to return to the office on a limited basis.


  1. A temperature scanning kiosk will be available for use at reception starting 9/14/2020. Please take your temperature at the kiosk when entering the office.

  2. A one-way traffic flow diagram and a new increased cleaning schedule for the common areas will be posted to accommodate the increased traffic.

  3. The cube walls are being increased in height to 6’2”. The new height exceeds the requirements from WA State to classify the cubes as separate workspaces. Employees working in the new taller cubes are free to use their standing desks and remove their masks. Installation is scheduled for the first week of October.


Good Afternoon Team,


New research indicates that neck gators, single layer fabric masks, and masks containing an exhalation valve, are not effective and in some cases performed worse than not wearing a mask. With the release of this new information, and with the upcoming flu and cold season, we are updating our policy to help provide a safe working environment.


Total Mechanical Policy: Starting Monday 8/17/20, Total Mechanical is updating our requirement for approved face coverings. Face coverings must have three layers of fabric, or contain a filter medium. Masks cannot contain an exhalation valve. Masks meeting these new requirements are available at reception, and in the kitchen.


Good Afternoon Team,

New COVID cases continue to rise in WA and OR and Inslee has announced new guidance regarding face coverings. Total Mechanical has updated its COVID policy in response to the new guidance.


  • Face covering update from Inslee: “The expansion will require face coverings in all common spaces, such as elevators, hallways and shared spaces in apartment buildings, university housing and hotels, as well as congregate setting such as nursing homes.” Here & Here

    • Total Mechanical Policy: Face coverings are to be worn in all indoor common spaces.


  • Face shield FAQ from WA L&I: “Are face shields an acceptable substitute for masks or cloth face coverings? No. Face shields provide good droplet protection for the wearer, but the purpose of using a cloth face covering or mask is to protect others. Because people can be infected and actively transmitting the virus without knowing it, coverings stop the virus at the source — the mouth and nose — from getting into the air. It prevents workers from passing the virus to other workers and customers.” Here

    • Total Mechanical Policy: TMI does not consider face shields an acceptable form of face covering. TMI does consider welding hoods to be an acceptable form of face covering.



There are no new COVID related updates this week. However, cases are on the rise, so please stay diligent in following the office COVID procedures.


Good Afternoon Team,

 Clark County Phase 3 application is currently under review! Attached is an updated version of the TMI Jobsite Protocol for COVID-19 with the updated mask policies for WA and OR. Starting 4/6/20 we will be resuming drip coffee preparation in the kitchen. Coffee prepares will be taking extra precautions posted in the cabinet above the coffee machine.

 COVID Questions:

Question: I will be on vacation next week and traveling, do I need to self-quarantine before returning to the office?

Answer: We support anyone who would like to self-quarantine after traveling, however it is not mandatory. Please remember to continue the daily health screenings after returning from vacation.


Good Morning Team,

All of the current COVID procedures remain in place and are not likely to change until we enter Phase 3. More masks have been ordered and will be arriving Monday. Keep up the good work, good news is on the horizon:

The Columbian 6/17/20:

“While a Phase 3 application is still 10 or so days away, the county is meeting most of the important metrics, although Clark County Public Health Officer Dr. Alan Melnick has cautioned about COVID-19 case surges happening in Washington, and the U.S. Clark County has had its own uptick in cases recently, but only three cases were confirmed Wednesday…In the weeks of May 23 and May 30, the county had a 2.5 and 2.4 percent positive rate, respectively. In the week of June 6, that rate dipped to 1.8 percent. The county is also below the statewide goal for new cases, which is 25 or fewer per 100,000 residents over a 14-day period. The hospitals in the area are also under 80 percent capacity, according to Public Health data, even though COVID-19 hospitalizations have risen from four to 12 people this week.”



Masks are required for all employees working in Washington State stating Monday 6/8/20. Excerpt from the Governors Full Report: “Beginning June 8, all employees will be required to wear a cloth facial covering, except when working alone in an office, vehicle, or at a job site, or when the job has no in-person interaction. …” We have purchased an assortment of reusable cloth masks that will be available in the kitchen starting Monday.


Office reorganization map is attached. In an effort to make social distancing easier we will be adjusting the office layout. Bre, Wes, Kelly, Ben, Alissa, Jay, Brian, Doug, Mike, Steve and Karen please give me a call or stop by to discuss this new layout.



Oregon and Washington have started a phased approach to reopening their states. Over the next few months, as we progress through each phase, Total Mechanical’s COVID response will continue to be periodically reevaluated by the COVID Committee. Updates will be released every other week on Friday starting Today 5/22/20:


Office Reopening:

The office is observing the attached list of precautions to help safeguard our staff. These precautions were developed in accordance with state and federal law, as well as the CDC and OSHA guidelines. All onsite employees are required to understand and follow these precautions at all times, starting 5/26/20.


5/18/20: A few individuals were invited to come back to the office and resume working onsite. We continually monitor the number of individuals in the office to ensure we can realistically follow the attached precautions.


COVID-19 Testing:

Late last week, we received the remaining results from the COVID-19 antibody testing. Only one individual that received the testing had antibodies present. From what we currently understand about the virus and antibody testing, these results confirm that our office COVID-19 precautions are working; and that we need to continue being diligent in following them.

Individuals that tested negative for the antibodies and develop symptoms of COVID-19 have the option to receive rapid testing through their healthcare provider or through:


Questions, Comments, Concerns:

The COIVD Committee is meeting frequently. Forward any questions, comments, or concerns to Ben C and the Committee will answer them in the bimonthly updates.




I am sure many of you are feeling apprehensive about the impact the COVID-19 virus will have on your wellbeing and ability to provide continued financial support to the people who depend on you. In response to these concerns, the TMI Board of Directors (BOD) has approved the following interim measures;

  1. Provide supervisors with the authority to tailor work schedules to accommodate individual needs.

  2. Payment of medical insurance premiums up to one additional month for individuals who elect time off without pay.

  3. Provide access to accrued Paid Time Off (PTO) funds to supplement income for individuals applying for and receiving compensation through the Paid Family Medical Leave Act.

  4. Allow individuals to accrue up to forty (40) hours of negative PTO to address COVID-19 illness, symptoms or related care.

 The BOD will continue to monitor the impact that COVID-19 legislation and illness is having on our employees and provide additional relief response as we are able to do so.



 As additional State and local COVID-19 measures are put in place, a weekly office email will be sent to communicate new interim measures to be implemented by TMI management and provide an overview for the work week ahead. At all times, if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, do not come to the office and inform your supervisor when you are able to do so. It is our intent as an essential business to continue to provide our healthcare construction services as they are needed, for as long as possible. If the State implements a Shelter-in-Place policy, you have the following options;

 Stay home and utilize accrued PTO.

  1. Take unpaid leave.

  2. Work from home if equipped, with approval and instruction from your supervisor.

  3. If you are symptom free, come to work and practice social distancing protocols while in the office.



For those who are working remotely, I hope you are settling into this new routine and finding comfort by being close to your families. Continue to coordinate your activities with your supervisors as we move into next week. 

For the few of you at the office, continue with your responsibilities as well, while taking advantage of working remotely when you can.

For all of you, take time each day to stay connected with each other via technology and let us know ways we can consider supporting you during this time. 



 I want to reiterate some social distancing measures that we should be taking as fellow office employees;

 Do not come to the office unless it is absolutely necessary and keep it as brief as possible.

  1. Keep your office space to yourself. If you need to have a meeting with someone, move to the one of the conference rooms.

  2. Be respectful of your proximity to fellow staff and error on keeping more distance than you think needed between each other.



All remote work measures need to remain in place for the next two weeks. If there are any new developments with regard to COVID-19 measures, I will send out additional emails as needed. If any of you have questions, you are always welcome to contract me.

 Until then, we are all hearing that the next two weeks are critical for adhering to COVID-19 social distancing policies. Stay compliant and safe.



All remote work measures will continue to remain in place for the next four weeks and will likely be extended further. 


Good Morning Team,

 A COVID-19 antibody testing center has opened up here in Vancouver. Total Mechanical will be covering the cost of the test, and we request that everyone be tested before they return to the office, or at least within the next two weeks.

Testing is by appointment only. Please email me your availability and I will set up the appointments. The testing location does not have a high volume so please include several days you are available. The test results are available in 48-72hrs and will show if you currently have the virus, or if you had it in the past and recovered. The test is a blood test and they will be drawing a full vial of blood. When you show up for the test, they will require you to sign a HIPPA release form that will send a copy of your results to the TMI Safety and HR department.

4/29/2020: PM - Kris Carlson:


I am sure some of you will have questions regarding the opportunity to take this test. This test just became available locally a week ago and costs $200.00 per test, which TMI will pay for. While the test is not mandatory, I am sure many of you would like more information about how you may be physically responding to this virus. The same holds true for TMI, we want to better understand how our office environment responds to this virus. More information is better and testing is the process to gather this information. As we begin to consider who and when to start bringing back to the office, we can use these test results to make informed decisions to protect us individually and corporately.

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