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All invoices should be forwarded to the accounting group email. When setting up a new account add the accounting email address as the billing email to avoid lost invoices.

Credit Card Receipts

Credit card receipts for the previous month are due by the 7th of each month. All receipts must be turned in. Receipts can be turned in any time by placing the receipt in the Receipt Inbox in the AP office. You receipt should have the following items clearly marked with:

  • Your name

  • Job # if applicable

  • Merchant name

  • Description of goods or service

  • Date

  • Full amount, including any taxes, fees, or tips


If personal money is spent on behalf of the company, reimbursement can be requested using THIS EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT FORM. Fill out the form, attach a copy of the receipt and drop it by the AP office or the Accounting group email: Reimbursements are processed weekly. Please include the following with your expense reimbursement:

  • Include the reimbursement category in the EMail subject line: CC Receipts, Parking, Mileage.

  • Receipt with your name and job number written on it.


Licenses and Certifications


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